Procedure To Get Sanction Of Building Permit From The Local Authority

Procedure To Get Sanction Of Building Permit From The Local Authority:

Any person intending to construct a house/building or to carry out addition/alteration to an existing building has to get the building plan sanctioned by the local authority.

The type and scale of different drawings and the prescribed forms together with the other information which is required to be submitted to the local authorities can be obtained in the book of building bye-laws.

The building department of local authority scrutinies the plans in detail to ensure that the scheme contained in the drawings complies with the various requirements of the bye-laws. In case, during scrutiny it is observed that there are some violation bye-laws, such violations are recorded in the form of objections and conveyed to the applicant.

The plans are sanctioned only after the objections have been removed and drawings modified. A complete set of approved drawings along with the sanction letter is handed over to the applicant for taking up the construction of the building at site.

The construction of building to be carried out in accordance with the sanctioned building drawings. If during the construction of building, substantial departure from sanctioned plans is intended to be made it is obligatory on the part of the applications to obtain sanction of plan showing such derivations from the local authority before taking up such construction.

After the construction of the building, the applicant is required to submit a notice of completion of the building to the authority. On receipt of the notice of the completion, the authority conducts inspection of the work and issues the occupancy certificate after the objection if any, observed during inspection are removed physically.

The grant of building permit normally remains valid for two years (from the date of the sanction) for residential, industrial and commercial buildings up to 4 storeyed construction and for three years for larger complexes and multi-storeyed buildings. In case the construction is not completed within the valid period it will be necessary for the owner to get the building permit revalidated from the authority.

Contravention or disregard of any provision made by the local authority can render the offender liable to procution and imposition of penalties.


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