Selection Of Site For Building Construction

Selection Of Site For Building Construction:

Before planning and constructing any building it is essential to select a suitable site properly. A properly selected site enhances the appearance of the building without any expenditure. So, selection of site before starting construction is very much important for planning. The following points should be considered during selection of a site for building.

1. The site where the building is to be constructed should be preferably situated on an elevated and levelled ground. It should not be situated near flood prone area.

2. The soil at the site should have a good bearing capacity and it should not be made up or marshy type.

3. The ground at the site should have a good water table and it should be high.

4. The shape of the site should not irregular or having sharp corners. The ideal shape of a site is square or rectangular.

5. The site should be located in a developed area where the following facilities are available

  • Medical shop, Hospitals.
  • Educational Institutions.
  • Shopping centre.
  • Transport facility ( Roads, railway etc)
  • Electricity
  • Water supply
  • Gas supply
  • Police station
  • Drainage, sanitation
  • Fire station
  • Recreation
  • Post office etc

6. The site should not be located near kilns, quarries, industrial plants emitting smoke, steam, fumes and obnoxious odour, noise or other polluting agents. The site should be far away from them.

7. Natural light and air should be sufficient in the site and the building should not get overshadowed by the adjacent buildings.

8. The site should not be very much undulating.

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