Difference Between Pre-tensioning And Post-tensioning

Difference Between Pre-tensioning And Post-tensioning:

Pre-tensioning and Post-tensioning both methods are used under pre-stressing process which has few edges over the orthodox non-stressed structures like greater span to depth ratio, higher moment and shear capacity. These methods are generally adopted in the making of PSC girders, sleepers etc.

Difference between pre tensioning and post tensioning are as following:

Pre-tensioning :

1. In this method, the concrete is prestressed with tendons before it is placing in position.

2. This method is developed due to bonding between the concrete and steel tendons.

3. Pre tensioning is preferred when the structural element is small and easy to transport.

4. In this method, similar prestressed members are prepared.

5. Pre-tensioning members are produced in mould.


1. In this method prestressing is done after the concrete attains sufficient strength.

2. This method is developed due to bearing.

3. Post tensioning is preferred when the structural element is heavy.

4. In this method, products are changed according to structure.

5. Cables are used in place of wires and jacks are used for stretching.

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